Adarsh Welkin Park location

Mini Golf:

A miniature golf course designed for recreational putting, usually featuring obstacles and creative designs.

Aroma Garden:

A garden designed to stimulate the sense of smell, typically filled with fragrant flowers, herbs, and plants.

Party Lawn with Stage:

An open area with a stage, suitable for hosting events, parties, or performances.

Play Lawn with Flexi Seating:

A designated play area with flexible seating arrangements, providing a comfortable space for both children and adults.

Tactile Walk:

A pathway designed to engage the sense of touch, often featuring different textures underfoot.

Camp Fire Area:

A designated space for setting up a campfire, suitable for activities like storytelling, singing, or simply enjoying the warmth.

Barbeque Zone:

A designated area equipped with facilities for barbecuing, encouraging outdoor cooking and social gatherings.

Acupuncture Walk:

A walking path designed for strolling or exercise, possibly inspired by acupuncture principles for wellness.

Aqua Deck:

A deck or platform situated near water features, providing a scenic spot for relaxation.

Water Feature:

An element such as a fountain, pond, or waterfall designed to enhance the aesthetics of the environment with water.

Bio Pond (Bio-Retention Pond):

A pond designed to manage stormwater runoff and promote environmental sustainability.

Lap Pool:

A swimming pool specifically designed for swimming laps and regular exercise.


A hydrotherapy tub with jets, often used for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

Kid's Pool:

A shallow and safe pool designed for children's recreational use.

Reflexology Path:

A walking path featuring different surfaces and textures to stimulate pressure points on the feet, often associated with holistic health benefits.

Multi-Purpose Court:

A versatile court suitable for various sports or activities, providing flexibility in use.

Skate Plaza:

A designated area for skateboarding, typically equipped with ramps, rails, and other features.

Pet Park:

A space dedicated to pet activities, possibly featuring play areas, agility courses, or walking trails for pets and their owners.

Picnic Lawn:

An open area with grassy terrain, suitable for picnics and outdoor gatherings.

Seating Island:

A landscaped or designed seating area, possibly in the middle of a water feature or garden.

Mia Waki Forest:

A named forest area, possibly designed to evoke a specific atmosphere or theme.

Football Field:

A dedicated field for playing football (soccer) with marked boundaries and goalposts.

Yoga/Meditation Zone with Deck:

A designated area with a deck for practicing yoga or meditation, providing a tranquil space for relaxation.

Basketball Court:

A marked court for playing basketball, often with hoops at each end.

Viewing Deck:

A raised platform providing panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Tennis Court:

A marked court for playing tennis, typically with netting and boundary lines.

Maze Garden:

A garden with pathways designed to form a maze, offering an interactive and enjoyable experience.

Volleyball Court:

A marked court for playing volleyball, typically with a net in the middle.

Cricket Practice Net:

An area with netting designed for cricket practice, allowing players to refine their skills.

Senior Citizen Court:

A designated area with facilities catering to the recreational needs of senior citizens.

Seating Deck:

An elevated platform with seating, possibly offering a vantage point or scenic view.

Rock Climbing Wall:

A vertical wall with handholds and footholds for rock climbing enthusiasts to practice and enjoy.

Cognitive Play Area:

An area designed to stimulate cognitive development in children through play, possibly featuring educational games and activities.

Trampoline Park:

A recreational area with trampolines for jumping and acrobatic activities.

Coconut Grove:

An area planted with coconut trees, possibly providing shade and a tropical atmosphere.